Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prospecting vs Marketing: An MLM Paradox

There is a struggle going on between those that have been building their businesses using the old school methods of prospecting, and those using the newer marketing methods used by many in network marketing today.

While one does not have to be completely abandoned in favor of the other, there are differences that are important to realize, the main one of which is that to use the newer methods you must be willing to educate yourself and invest some time into building a presence and a name for yourself...... Continue at this blog's new home...


  1. Loved reading true. We are on the slight edge of a revolution in this industry!
    Todd Bobal

  2. "Like the old MLM parable of getting a hundred no's. Who want's to get a hundred no's for gosh sakes? The history of teaching that system is anchored in the results 98% have been getting all these years."

    Hi vicki, I agree with you. This is the numbers game salesman mentality. However, most people are not attracted to this type of marketing. I'd rather offer an oppotunity where they can get paid to refer services to me. That is why 96% of my business will be based on Word of Mouth Marketing.

    Mark Fuller-BetterNetworker

  3. Vicki,

    This is a great article..well written and full of truth. I'll be using it as one of my teaching/training tools, if it's OK with you.

    Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW

  4. Absolutely Deborah, I am honored! Shoot, you helped me to really 'get' a lot of this! :)


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