Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hit and Run Marketing: What Social Meda Means to Your SEO and Traffic Exposure

Are you guilty of spamming or constantly advertising your product or opportunity in your initial contact or most of your posts?

Do you barely get past an introduction with someone you have just connected with on a social network when you launch into a pitch of your product or opportunity?

If so, you are wasting your traffic exposure and turning off your contacts with this tactic..... Continue reading at this blog's new home...


  1. Hi.

    Great article! Sometimes I find it difficult to juggle the social aspect and the selling. I admit it :-) I'm finding Twitter a tremendous place to both meet people "and" find new customers. I haven't even tried some of the other places yet.

    Take care,
    Paula Frye

  2. Love this article its really interesting great advice.

  3. Nice article. great value. "But the point is, you won't get anywhere with content syndication if you are sounding like a commercial..." So true.


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