Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twttter Tributes: Chronicles of a Twitter Traveler; Tools, Tips & Articles

I have found so many useful articles, tools and tips on Twitter, that I am compelled to archive them for posterity. I just know that I'll be wanting to return to finish or reread them at some ponit in the future! But I have to first at least tell you how I came upon so many all at once that I didn't even have time to fully explore them all...

After quite some time pondering what possible use Twitter could ever be, when personally I get befuddled trying to maintain two simultaneous IM / Skype conversations, I was encouraged to jump in. And so I did. In moments it was as if I had stepped off the banks of a raging mountain river into the rapids, heading uncontrollably downstream with not so much as a raft, paddle or even an innertube. It wasn't until later that I realized the hidden value of this phenomenon.

It was a Friday morning on a day off when I got started. Little did I know the potential effect of a combination of my friend Juanita's well timed couple of tweets to her 2400+ followers on 'follow friday'. As things progressed, by days' end I had 200 followers, and almost doubled that in a couple of days. I know that's peanuts in some folks' views but I was only getting started!

Suddenly my computer seemed more alive to me than it had before, with the ongoing heartbeat of endless tweets. As I witnessed the flow of virtual voices I realized that if one seemed intriguing, I needed to tag it as a favorite lest it be lost forever, like this amazing set of photographs of bubbles. They go by so fast that when you blink they're gone. It does not seem far fetched that in time, there will be Twitter's Anonomous groups opening up all over the world.

I eventually realized that I did not need to keep up, but that I could stand back and step in just long enough to make new contacts to continue building my network, or catch some interesting tidbit to pass along if interesting enough. I ended up with so many good ones that I thought I'd post them here (albeit, most of these I grabbed during my struggle to remain afloat and somewhat sane while being swept downriver :). I know it looks like a lot but these really are ones I thought had the most value (however I did not finish every one of them in their entirety!):

Twitter Starters:
From Here to Tweeternity: A Practical Guide for Getting Started on Twitter
An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags (TwitrPwr - Twitter Power Blog)
Free and Custom Twitter Backgrounds
The Best Damn #followfriday Video on the Net (Twitter Power Blog)
The Art of ReTweeting in Twitter

Twitter for Business:
Twitter is Amazing at Building an Audience at a Low Cost (JF Grissom, BN)
Questions I Get Asked About Getting Business Through Twitter
How to Win Followers and Influence People on Twitter
How to Provide Your Followers With Massive Value (TwitrPwr -
17 Ways to Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers, and Business Owners
Increase Your Twitter Exposure With Twitter Traffic Machine
Return on Investment for Using Twitter
Leveraging Twitter to Promote Your Business
What's the Big Deal About Twitter (a recent BN discussion)
10 Twitter Strategies That Are Proven to Generate Traffic (another BN discussion)

Twitter Tools:
How to Back Up Your Twitter Account (TwitrPwr) - one of the most useful Twitter blogs I saw
12 Useful Twitter Tools for Your Business (Eric Su, BN)
It Has Been Hard For Me to Sell Anything Till Twitter (review) (Juanita Waterman, BN)
Twitter Tools Exposed and Explained (BN video)
What Twitter Application is Right For You?
Twellow - Twitter Yellow Pages (find people to follow who are in your target market)
The Easiest and Best Way to Mass Unfollow on Twitter (Juanita Waterman, BN)

And just to make you go hmmm:
How Using Twitter Increases Intelligence

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