Saturday, May 23, 2009

Top 10 Stupid Things Network Marketers Do to Mess Up their Business

Ok, I may have been a bit harsh. I don’t like to say ’stupid’, but you know that feeling where you want to smack the palm of your hand against your head after you’ve realized something that you thought you should have known?

I can raise my hand and say that I have made almost all of these mistakes. And I am sure you can think of at least one or two more. But these are the ‘top ten’ mistakes that I came up with in thinking of how we can have better success in network marketing by avoiding.... Read the rest at this blog's new home...


  1. Hi Vicki,

    Great post..EVERY Marketer should read Michael's book and they will finally understand how important attraction marketing really is if you want lasting success in this Industry..

    Focus and building relationships that WILL last is the goal we should all have.

    Thanks for sharing..


  2. Another excellent list Vicki!

    #1 is a the underlying key. It's all about personal relationships and partnerships, not just numbers and a shotgun approach. It is definitely quality over quantity. #5 is another very good tip. If you are consistent with follow up, you will be way ahead of the game because so many people just don't do it. The great thing is, its so easy to do.

    I tweeted this for you, we have over 7,000 followers now, who knew so many people love Top Ten lists. Please post this on so people can find your wonderful blog. Keep 'em coming Vicki!


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