Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time and Country Code / Calling Tools

In network marketing, or any time that you find yourself working with people all over the world, you may wonder “What time is it in Australia?” or “How many hours difference between now in the East Coast of the US and Finland?”.

What I’ve done is placed a folder on my toolbar for quick access to a few handy tools so that I can tell whether I should be calling someone or whether I’d risk alienating them at 3am. Or what time we can schedule a time to meet on the phone or online. Or what US state they are in given a phone number and an area code I don’t recognize.

Hopefully these tools will help you to be able to work more efficiently in your daily business, and manage your time more effectively.

The WorldTimeServer.com is great for just typing in the name of a country and pulling up the current time there. Then you can check your clock and know what the difference is in your timezones. TimeAndDate.com is also a good place to do timezone conversions and look up the time for a current location,

Then you might way ‘I have a phone number from one of my leads but how do I know where they are?’. Well, CountryCallingCodes.com has a Reverse Lookup tool where you just put in those leading numbers and it tells you exactly where they are! Or, if you know you want to call someone in a particular country and have their number but not the country code, you can just select where you are calling from and to and it gives you that.

Or, if you have a national US number and want to know what state the person is in whose number you have, AreaCodeLookup-USA.com has that. It also has a reverse lookup for a number to give you the state (a bit easier than finding it in the list for the area code by itself).

Hopefully these tools will help you as they have me.

To Your Success!

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  1. Check out http://www.simplecountrycodes.com/, as simple as it gets, and works great on the iPhone


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