Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is Your Corporate Bubble Bursting?

My Company isi Failing, But I am Not!

Have you ever been at a company that has had layoffs every quarter for 9 years running, and yet STILL have to go into bankruptcy? Well I have, and it’s not a pretty sight.

After losing over 3/4 of their headcount (in this case from just about 100,000 employees worldwide down to under 23,000 now), we are now currently in Chapter 11 since sometime in January or February.

After working for this company for 20 years and remaining at the top of my game, when they finally turn the lights out there will be no severance, no medical coverage, from the time the door hits me in the rear. That goes for me and about 30 other people I have worked with for as long as that, and who are like family to me.

We’ve all been loyal and hard working, and what has that gotten us? I know several that were laid off back in October through December, with their years of service were to be receiving full severance for anywhere between 8 and 11 months, suddenly found those paychecks gone in a flash, and medical coverage with it.

And with the job market such as it is, shouldn’t I be worried? Well maybe a little, but not like you would think. It’s just not getting me down. Not in the least. It’s probably been the catalyst to give me more drive to work my own business and gain the confidence that I can make it work to replace my current income.

This week we will probably hear about major divisions in the company being sold off. There are rumored buyers, and we may end up just working the same job but for a different company. That is, those of us that survive the numbers which the buying company has agreed to take on. Or if no buyers come out of the prospects, we'll just be turning out the lights.

It’s a weird state to be in not knowing what the next day will bring for the last few months. And I thought making it through 36 rounds of layoffs was a tale to tell…..

But by creating a passive residual income through network marketing, and thanks to finding the comprehensive training system at Mentoring for Free, I have ensured that I chose the right company this time, and the right compensation plan, so that my future is no longer in the hands of unscrupulous corporate executives, whether at traditional or multi-level marketing companies! I know that I am on the right path for rebuilding my financial future.


  1. Sad corporate story Vicki!

    Mine is not too unlike yours (albeit coming from a non-profit), nor is your story that unlike many in the US and world nowadays. Even the MLM business I was involved with has endured financial troubles & been sold to a holding company!

    But I am glad you are pressing on!

  2. Yes Peter, it is precisely because of my experience and the knowledge of what happens to so many MLM companies that I took the time to really find out what to look for in an MLM company before putting my financial future in the hands of one! Check out my blog on the Five Pillars for example.

    Yes definitely pressing on!


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