Monday, April 27, 2009

Indecision: Recepie for Nut Soup (a Caution for Online Network Marketing Newbies)

Are you lost in a sea of systems, topics, training and acronyms? Overwhelmed to the point of distraction, inaction, and indecision?

You aren't alone. With rising unemployment, tens of thousands of people are either jumping into the world of internet marketing, lured in by ads promising practically instant riches, or jumping into an MLM opportunity while barely understanding what M-L-M stands for or how to choose the right network marketing company, or both.

They soon find more information on these subjects than they ever could have imagined, all good, but impossible to digest all at once.

Realize first that nothing is easy, and that at the very least you will have to do due diligence to succeed in any such endeavor. Your success depends on one thing, and that is your will to persist until you succeed.

But without self discipline and some good mentoring, you may find yourself floundering and accomplishing nothing but draining your bank account, and taking up massive amounts of disk space with dozens of eBooks you have yet to read. Time to decide now what your plan of action is going to be.

Make no mistake, while you have been diligently working at your place of employment for as many years as you have, network marketing and internet marketing have both matured into complex and thriving industries, almost taking on a life of their own. The number of tools, websites, blogs and articles that you have been enchanted by speak to this in volumes. And the number of scams is well, scary.

But most internet business is legitimate and thriving. Simply spend some time in Google AdWords alone for a while for example. There are a number of highly complex and functional tools in that system, and yet there are dozens of products that make use of these tools to provide even more functionality.

And don't get me wrong, there is money to be made. But if you don't do AdWords right, you can really blow some cash! Just note how many PPC tutorials and tools can be found. Nothing short of mind boggling.

You might have decided to do some Affiliate Marketing, in hopes of making some quicker money than you may be able to in MLM at the start, but that's a field of study all in itself. And if you are planning on building an MLM business, then you might be biting off more than you can chew and diluting your focus to take on another endeavor at the same time in trying to create multiple streams of income.

But in order to succeed at MLM, which is in no way a get rich quick scheme, you must be able to focus on your primary goal, and more importantly, duplicate of your efforts if you are to succeed. In MLM, duplication is paramount in importance. So ask yourself, is what I'm doing duplicatable?

Take a Breath.....

What you have to do now is to focus only on the steps you need to take to lay out your path toward your ultimate goal. You need to decide whether you have the time to invest in yourself, cultivate your plan, and execute it. Once you are off the ground and have a steady stream of leads and people joining your business, then you may add additional streams of income after having gained some expertise in the field of internet marketing.

But most importantly you need to be persistent when things don't move as fast as you'd like. This brings me to why you need to come up with WHY you want to do this.

That WHY becomes your DESIRE and is what will cause you to be able to make the decisions you need to make, and more importantly, to stick with them. In his book, "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill said, "thought, backed by strong DESIRE, has a tendency to transmute itself into its physical equivalent". He was speaking about the Law of Attraction.

So when someone pooh pooh's your plan, just tell them "My 'Why' is bigger than your 'Why Not'".

In addition, you have to BELIEVE in yourself and that you can succeed before it will ever be possible. Do not give up! Your conviction is the essence of the way you will come across to others in your business.

Ok, so I'm gonna have to give you another good inspirational quote here (because if you HAVE read this far then you must really need help! ;) Earl Nightingale said that "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal". You have to realize the importance of 'progressive' in this sentence. Nothing is going to happen overnight here, which is why you need your 'why', to remain persistent in your direction.

So understand your why, find your desire, gain some belief in yourself, focus, and decide to do what needs to be done and gather the ingredients for your recipe for success:

  • Turn off the TV, for we now have DVRs that can record entire seasons of Lost, Survivor, 24, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. Even so, that is not real life, THIS is your life. Set aside time for the important things like family, fun, and exercise. Determine what you can devote to this and DEVOTE it. Every time you think of blowing off what you could be doing to further your business, think instead, "What is one more thing I can do right now?" Or, "what have I done today toward growing my business?".
  • Then if you need to, which you may if you have indeed been swimming in the vast internet without direction for months now, for God's sake get organized! You have to become organized to manage your time and to focus.
  • Begin the steps of branding yourself. Set up your profiles on two, maybe Twitter and Facebook, and no more than a total of five social networks to begin with. Use your real name, or a very close proximity in profile names, email addresses (get a gmail address for your business to keep it seperate0, and URLs. Use the same photo everywhere to be more recognizable. When you have some thoughts or any value to add, just add it, wherever you are. Eventually things will begin to take shape. Begin making friends but DO NOT pitch your product or opportunity! See my post on "Hit and Run Marketing" if you consider this.
  • Find a mentor who you can relate to and who can help you find what you need. and an attraction marketing system you can use to help you in growing your network and internet presence, I found the Mentoring for Free system to be the most comprehensive and turn-key, duplicatable approach. In this case, free does not mean low quality, inadequate, incomplete, or simple. This is a mastermind training system like none I've seen after all the looking around and paying hundreds of dollars for internet and marketing training. It is complete with free coaching and live daily training calls, by industry leaders in every area of training necessary, including article writing, ad copy, generating free internet traffic, SEO, personality types, and more.

Then as you educate yourself, continue to build your online social network, lead with yourself, and build relationships. Network marketing is a people business, a teaching and leadership business. By learning how to do what you have decided to do, you can start to simmer your success soup.

The problem of taking on too much in the internet marketing arena and buildingn a network marketing business all at the same time, without understanding some fundamental things like Attraction Marketing, or what to look for in a quality MLM product, opportunity, or comp plan, can have a detrimental effect your outcome. It is just a recipe for nut soup (you being the nut, after too much information, indecision, and inaction).

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