Monday, May 11, 2009

Are You Tracking Your Tweets Effectiveness?

I think it’s fascinating to be able to watch the response to something I’ve tweeted. It gives me an idea of what my followers want and will respond to. This can be very useful in building your following. So thought I’d share this for anyone who hasn’t found this trick, or in case anyone can add to it (if so, please do!).

You can only do this if there is a link in the Tweet (which is probably the only time you’d really care to track the Tweet anyway). If you have used to shorten links for Twitter, you may not realize that you can also use it to track the number of clicks, the times, and even geographic locations. To do this you have to just create an account at (Note: if you are running AdBlockPlus in your browser, Disable it for the page, weird interactions lock up output).

I used to schedule some tweets for a link I wanted to send out (very handy if you are not going to be able to Tweet at your leisure all day!). I spaced the tweets out every couple of hours over a day, along with a few other tweets. At the end of the day, I went back to and clicked on the ‘Info’ link by the shortened link, and noticed that there was a total of 18 clicks (I only had about 750 followers at the time so I think I averaged about 3 clicks per Tweet).

But the phenomenal thing was that by the next day, the stats on the link showed over 115 clicks! Geographically (which you can find within the Info page), these were around 86 from the US, over 21 from the UK, 1 each from Canada, France, Australia, and Brazil, and 2 each from Spain and Austria! Pretty cool…

I understood that could both schedule Tweets and shorten links using, but I didn’t find how to track the links there. Both HootSuite and TweetLater allow scheduling of Tweets to multiple accounts.

Remember not to spam when Tweeting! That’s a pretty sure way to get ‘unfollow’ed Rather, provide a variety of good content, with occasional value that may inspire folks to opt-in to an offer you may have, after your quality tweet!

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